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What size are Cafilia Cups?

We launched Cafilia with a 12 oz. size Cafilia Cup, and now we also offer 16 oz. Cafilia Cups!

Through our market research with coffee drinkers, we found that 12 oz. seems to be the perfect amount of coffee that can be enjoyed in one sitting without getting cold too quickly or having too much caffeine at once. But we've also gotten feedback from some of you drip addicts and latte lovers that you'd love to have a 16 oz. size for that extra hit of coffee.

Can I buy food at the coffee shop with my Cafilia account?

Soon! We'd love your Cafilia cup to become your "coffee wallet" for everything you buy at the local coffee shop!

Considering that these are our early stages, we will first focus on coffee ordering, and later integrate food into Cafilia as a feature - if it's something you'd like to see.

What if I want to customize my coffee order (with non-dairy milk or a flavor) or get a seasonal drink?

No problem. Lots of coffee drinkers prefer their quality-made coffee as is, but if you'd like a customization once in a while like a milk substitute or an added flavor pump, order it and we'll simply bill you $1 anytime you want to fancy up your drink a bit. Same goes for if you want to try that seasonal drink.

(We'll bill your total add-on charges separately at your renewal time to your card on file.)

Is there any roll-over for coffees if not used?

We are excited to announce our new roll-over policy, which is the result of your feedback! 🤩 Every month, you can roll-over one coffee to your next renewal period. For example, if you have a 10 Cup plan and have redeemed only 9 out of 10 coffees before your month renews, your new month will include one extra rolled-over coffee for a total of 11 coffees to enjoy that month. You will still have one month to enjoy these coffees before your monthly allotment resets at renewal time (and upon which you can roll-over one coffee to the new month again). Yay!

Can I pause my subscription for a month or more?

No problem, we understand that sometimes we go out of town or life happens, and Cafilia is absolutely flexible for you! If you need to pause your subscription, log into your account and under your subscription, select the "Pause" button. You'll be able to pause for 30 days, after which your subscription will automatically renew. If you need to pause for longer, email us at [email protected] to make a specific request.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

We are in fact humans ourselves behind Cafilia and know how it is to have these doubts when signing up for a subscription. But do not fear we make it super easy for you to cancel your subscription when you need to. All you need to do is send us an email at [email protected] before your subscription renews for the month. You'll be able to use the rest of your monthly cup allowance that remains for that month before the set renewal date. (And remember, you can always pause your subscription instead of cancel it if you need to for a month or two when you may be away!)

Can I gift a Cafilia subscription to a friend?

You sure can, and we think you'd be a very cool friend if you do! All you have to do is purchase a gift card here and your friend will be all smiles to get such a unique gift! They will then create their own subscription account, and redeem your gift card to kick their coffee addiction off right.

Can I use my Cafilia Cup & subscription in other US cities?

That's our future goal — to bring the Cafilia movement to dozens more US cities! All you'll do is bring your Cafilia Cup with you to your next destination, discover & explore local shops in a new place, and keep on enjoying Cafilia! Stay tuned on our website for the next US city we will spread to!

What are Cafilia Cups made from?

When brainstorming the Cafilia concept, incorporating an environmentally sustainable piece to a coffee subscription was a non-negotiable, considering how much ridiculous waste we add to landfills through the (literally) billions of coffee cups we use yearly in the US alone. So for our initial launch, we decided to use beautiful 100% borosilicate glass for the cup and high food-grade silicon for the sleeve and lid. This way our travel mugs have a transparent feel and look to them, just like our values, and give a touch of freshness and modernity from the typical travel mug. And of course, 0% plastic, which was most important.

Will you be offering any other Cafilia Cup designs?

The future is limitless! For the initial pilot, we wanted to offer an elegant sustainable glass travel mug that most people would feel good about using. Moving forward, we'd like to create an exclusive Cafilia Cup that will not only be sustainable, but will have a signature design that'll be recognizable as a symbol of standing up together for local business support and sustainability.

What if I break my Cafilia Cup?

Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we'll work something out!

I love that there will be a global loyalty program amongst all local coffee shops! How does it work?

We do too, since it's about time that we unite all local coffee shops, where the best coffee is found anyway! During this initial pilot phase, we will be tracking how many cups you drink and in the future when the Loyalty Program feature is developed, your cups will go towards that. Potential rewards could be free coffee, locally roasted coffee beans, and more. Have an out-of-the-box idea? Send it to [email protected].

What are some future Cafilia features you have in mind to release?

We think it's key to listen to our community and customers on what kind of features you'd absolutely need and love to have for Cafilia! Please share any feedback, suggestions, and ideas that come to you at [email protected]. Nevertheless, we could see the future offering milk alternative add-ons to your subscription plan, specialty drink plans, badges for exploring different shops, and more.

Am I able to get more than one subscription under my account?

Every Cafilia member has their very own personal account with their customized subscription plan. This means that you and your account can only have one subscription plan attached to it. If you want to get a Cafilia subscription for someone in your household, they will need to register and choose their plan with their own email address and personal information. (Same payment methods can be used though among different accounts.)

If you'd like to gift Cafilia to a loved one, then the way to do this is by giving them a Cafilia gift card! You can choose which unique coffee plan to gift at: https://becafilia.com/gift-cafilia/.

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