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Now the two most important questions:
1) How many locally-made coffees do you want per month?
2) What type of coffee person are you? More of a Drip Addict, or a Crafted Coffee Aficionado?

Choose below!
Your Cafilia travel mug, the key to filling your subscription, will automatically be included (tax included).


Coffee Shop Partners

Root Cafe – Lakewood

Cafe Phix – Midtown

Caffeine – Lakewood

3-19 Coffee – Ohio City

Burning River – Lakewood

3-19 Coffee – Shaker Hts.

Brewella’s – Lakewood

UnBar Cafe – Larchmere (Cleveland)

Nervous Dog – Beachwood

Nervous Dog – Fairlawn, West Akron, Stow

(With More To Come!) 

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